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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Things I Do Not Understand

I see many things driving on the Interstate that defy explanation.  Can you tell which of the following self-contradictions I have actually seen and which I have made up?

1. A woman with a "Breast Cancer Survivor" sticker smoking a cigarette.
2. A man with a "Honk if You Heart Jesus" bumper sticker flicking someone off in traffic.
3. A vanity license plate that read, "THRFTY."
4. A car with a handicap license plate and a Harley Davidson Motorcycle decal.
5. A man holding a lit cigarette out of the window while in his mouth was a "Whisp" disposable toothbrush.
6. A woman with a "Hang up and drive!" bumper sticker who was texting in traffic.

(Answers: Actually seen: 1,4,5.  Made up: 3, 6.  2 I did not actually see myself, but was witnessed by my good friend, David Gardner who honked and got this reaction.)

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