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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power.  Yes, it's true.  For example, I happen to know that in a right triangle, if the hypotenuse is five inches long, and another side is three inches long, then the last side will be six inches.  Or possibly four.  Something like that.  This sort of thing is very powerful.

Of course, some knowledge is more powerful than other knowledge.  For example, one thing I know is where Josh Grogan really was Saturday night when he told his wife he had bowling league.  You'd be surprised just how powerful that knowledge is.

Or take parallel parking.  Knowing how to parallel park is very powerful.  Unfortunately, this is knowledge I do not possess.

Some other knowledge I do not possess is exactly where I put my wallet.  My wife possesses this knowledge, but she will not share it with me.  Compared to me, this makes her very powerful.  "Where did you leave it last night?" she asks, in that teasing sort of voice that says she knows where it is, but isn't telling.

Gorillas don't seem to have much knowledge, yet they are very powerful.  For example a gorilla can lift 2,000 kilograms - (knowing how much 2,000 kilograms is isn't a power I have, so I looked it up, and it's about as much as the weight of ten people.)  As stupid as gorillas seem, they have the knowledge of how to lift the weight of ten people, which is probably not something most of us know how to do.  They also know how to tear your arms off your body and hit you over the head with them if you point at them.

Now who's the stupid one?

Which is why school is so important.  Schools provide knowledge and knowledge is power.  This is also why you should pay attention in school.  You never know when the teacher will tell you how to remember where you left your wallet or how to lift ten people over your head.  Or the thing about right triangles.  I'm pretty sure the answer is four.

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