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Monday, April 1, 2013

Great Ideas for April Fool's Pranks

I have some great ideas for April Fool's pranks, like ring Kim Jong-Un's doorbell and say, "We're the Navy Seals come to get you, sucker!"  April Fool!  The only problem is, I don't speak Korean, and I don't have a plane ticket.  And I don't think they'd let me into North Korea, and even if they did, I'd probably never get to rig Kim's doorbell.  I bet he's got like a zillion body guards.

Maybe you could go to the girl's dorm at Baylor and say, "We looked at the tape again - you won!"  April Fool!  Kind of mean, maybe, but it probably wouldn't work anyway.  I'd still need a plane ticket, and it'd be hard to shout loud enough to be heard by the whole team.  It wouldn't be funny if you told just one.  Telling say, Brittany Griner, just wouldn't be as funny.  You'd have to get the whole team.

Another one is to up to Antonin Scalia and say, "I think you have an incredibly sensuous mouth."  (This only works if you're a man.  If you're a woman say, "My brother thinks you have an incredibly sensuous mouth.")  April Fool!

How about this one, go up to Pope Francis and say, "Benedict wants his job back!"  April Fool!  Of course, you'd still need a plane ticket, and you'd have to speak Italian.  Oh, wait, Francis isn't Italian.  He's Latin American.  In that case, you'd have to speak Latin.

Another one is to go up to Oscar Pistorius and say, "Your shoelace is untied!"  April Fool!  That's kind of cruel, I guess, but he's probably been kidded about it his whole life, so he should be used to it by now.  Besides, he's been through a lot lately, and would probably appreciate a good joke to take his mind off things.

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