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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coming Up on Mad Men Season 6

After a simmering confrontation with his wife, Megan (Jessica Pare) Don Draper (John Hamm) recommits himself to a monogamous family life.  Subsequently he has anonymous sex with a woman he picks up in a bar.  Peggy Olson (Elizabeth Moss) approaches her cousin Jimmy, a cub reporter for the Daily Planet, about hiring his pal Superman to do a product endorsement for a new product, "Superglue."  Meanwhile Roger Sterling (John Slattery) smirkingly makes a biting but cynically true comment and pours a cocktail.

Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) while doing product-testing on a new product, "The Roach Motel," gets hopelessly trapped, and is unable to do more than wiggle his feet helplessly.  Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) turns a corner too rapidly and pokes out Bert Cooper's eye (Robert Morse).  Draper, the morning after a severe hangover, resolves once and for all "to give up the hootch."  Subsequently he pours a fifth of bourbon, a bottle of bitters, and fifteen marchino cherries into a flower pot, drinks the entire mess, and has sex with four anonymous women and one of their poodles whom he meets in a local bar.  Sterling cynically mixes himself a cocktail and makes a true but smirking comment as he bites something.

Salvatore "Sal" Romano (Bryan Batt), the art director who was written out of the script after the third season, reappears and brags loudly to anyone who will listen about his sexual conquests among Hollywood Starlets, stewardesses, and the sisters of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.  He then announces he's moving in with stand-up comedian Paul Lynde and a hot new entertainment sensation, Liberace.  Peter Campbell is charged with negligent homicide after hooking up his ailing mother-in-law's life-support machine to a brand-new new test-product, "the Clapper."  Draper's daughter, Sally Beth (Kiernan Shipka) tired of her weirdly dysfunctional mother and father, and hoping to get some normalcy in her life, changes her name to Wednesday and is adopted by Gomez and Morticia Addams.  Don swears that "so help me" he will never hurt another person so long as he lives, drinks a barrel of scotch, has sex with twenty anonymous women, and visits local schoolyards where he gives children free samples of a hot new product, "Crack Cocaine."  Meanwhile Roger Sterling, bites himself a cyniccal cocktail, smirks and says something true and pour.

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