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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Missing the SuperBowl

I don't know what's wrong with me lately.  Yesterday was Groundhog Day.  Did you realize that?  I didn't send any Groundhog cards, put up the Groundhog wreath, or anything.  And now, I'm going to miss the SuperBowl.

Well, I can't really claim I'm going to miss it.  A more accurate description would be that I'm deliberately going to avoid watching it.  I would not even be remotely aware of it except the internet has been bombarding me with news features on all the interesting ads that are going to be on.  This literally seems to be a show where people will ask each other Monday morning, "Did you see the commercials?"  The advertisers have started advertising their advertisements.  And the ads that won't be showing receive just as much or more attention as the ads that will.  I honestly don't know who's playing today, but I do know Kate Upton has soap bubbles in one hand.  I believe she's advertising a car.  I'm pretty sure it's a car.  I don't think it's soap.

It's old news that the SuperBowl is the most valuable commercial time on the planet: nor is it some shocking new trend that advertisers conflate sex, sports, and whatever they're selling to move the product.  A nerd kissing a pretty girl has nothing to do with Go Daddy, but so what?  Go Daddy will make a joke of the very premise, but in the meantime, it will show you a picture of a nerd kissing a pretty girl.  The SuperBowl ad has become a major cultural event in the US.  As I say, none of this is any news.  And yet the news is full of it, and will be full of it all next week.

Oh, well.  I'll just have to be out of touch.  Again.

Next year, though, I'll do better.  I'm tired of being out of the loop.  Next year, Groundhog Day falls on Sunday, February 2.

I've already got my calendar marked.

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