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Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Amazing Similarities Between Washington and Lincoln

1. George Washington never lived in Washington, DC.  Abraham Lincoln never lived in Lincoln Nebraska.

2. At age 57, Washington had all his teeth pulled out.  At 56, Lincoln was shot in the back of the head.

3. If you rearrange the letters of Abraham Lincoln, it spells "O, call Ann ham rib."  If you rearrange the letters of George Washington, it spells "Ha! Get neon wart rigs."  Or something.

4. Abraham Lincoln was born February 14.  Washington was born February 22.  We are celebrating their birthday February 18.

5. Neither Washington nor Lincoln ever tweeted, had a Facebook page, text-messaged, or used the expression, "OMG."

6. George Washington once threw a stone all the wall across the Rappahannock.  Abraham Lincoln could have dunked on your ass all afternoon.

7. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln never met; they nearly did once, when Lincoln had a layover at Laguardia, but Washington got stuck in traffic and didn't get there in time.

8. Washington was a Whig and also wore a wig.  Lincoln was a Republican, but it is not known if he ever wore a republic.

9. Daniel Day Lewis played Lincoln in Lincoln, and Jeff Daniels played Washington in The Crossing.

10. Daniel Day Lewis and Jeff Daniels never met, but they nearly did once when Lewis had a layover at Laguardia, except Daniels got stuck in traffic.

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