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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Trillion Dollar Coin

Well, where did you have it last?
The Treasury can legally use these laws to print whatever coins it wants -- including trillion-dollar coins -- and then deposit them into its bank account at the Federal Reserve, in exchange for a bunch of cash it can use to pay off its debts. That would render the debt ceiling meaningless because the government wouldn't have to borrow again. - Mark Gongolf, The Huffington Post 

Barrack: Honey?
Michelle: Yes, dear?
Barrack: You know that, uh, that coin the Treasury Secretary brought over to show me?
Michelle: What did it look like?
Barrack: It looked like a quarter, only a little bigger, and it's made out of platinum.  And it says one trillion dollars on it.
Michelle: Good Lord, why would anyone want a coin like that?
Barrack: It might avert a budget crisis.
Michelle: Oh.  That makes sense.  Run out of dough and mint a trillion-dollar coin.  Why not mint a five-trillion dollar coin while you're at it.
Barrack: You haven't seen it lying around somewhere, have you?
Michelle: Don't tell me you lost it.
Barrack: Of course I didn't lose it.  I just mislaid it.  It's got to be around here somewhere.
Michelle: Where did you have it last?
Barrack: (Impatiently) If I knew that, I wouldn't have to look for it.
Michelle: Did you look under the couch cushions?
Barrack: (Looking again) Yes.
Michelle: Did you look in the little basket on the nightstand?  You always throw all your junk in the little basket on the nightstand.
Barrack: (Looking in basket.) It's not in there.
Michelle: I've been after you to clean out that basket for a week.
Barrack: I'm really not in the mood for this right now, Michelle.
Michelle: Try asking yourself, if you were a one-trillion-dollar coin, where would you be?
Barrack: What kind of stupid question is that?
Michelle: (Looking out window) When the pizza boy was here the other day, did you tip him with spare change?
Barrack: Why do you ask?
Michelle: Because he just flew up in a private helicopter.
Barrack:  Uh-oh.

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