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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Children's Letters to Stalin

Dear Comrade Stalin,
My name is Vasha and I am six years old.  I am very good boy.  When I get big, I want to be General Secretary just like you and have a black mustache.  My mother says eat your porridge.  I am pretty sure she is a Trotskyite.
Your Friend,

Dear Comrade Stalin,
I am glad you are General Secretary.  Dress nice and save our country from Counter-Revolutionaries like my little sister who told on me for throwing the cat down the well.  The cat had information regarding the activities of Tsarist sympathizers, and I was trying to extract needed information.  Please purge her.
From Vladimir

Dear Comrade Stalin
Alexie Chekhov - pushed me off see-saw - Trotskyite
Valery Pushkin - stole potato I brought for lunch - Trotskyite
Georgy Dementyev - spread false propaganda I wet my bed - Counter-revolutionary pro-Tsarist Trotskyite
Dimitri Yelizarov - looks at me funny, eyes crossed - Trotskyite
Your Comrade,

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