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Monday, December 3, 2012

Variations on Board Games

A Friendly Game of Monopokerjengachess
Try playing Shades-of-Grey-themed Clue.  Colonel Mustard did it in the kitchen with a candlestick will have a whole new meaning.

Make a rule that if anyone wants to argue about rules, first he has to stuff his mouth with an entire bowl of saltine crackers.  Then while he's arguing about rules, everyone gets to sing "White Christmas."

In Scrabble, let anyone make any word he wants, as long as it's an acronym for something.  For exampe, IDKADWEWQ could be, "I Don't Know Any Damn Words Ending With Q."

Naked Twister.

Everyone's fantasized about playing Monopoly with real money, but why not play it with Toxic Assets.

Snakes and Ladders with actual snakes and ladders.  Hard to set up, but maybe worth the effort.

Make Candyland more interesting by telling a three-year-old if they lose, you're going to have their dog put to sleep.  Later you can explain you were kidding.  The dog was going to be put to sleep anyway.

Every time some one answers a question on Trivial Pursuit, punch him in the arm as hard as you can.

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