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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown, Our Thoughts Are With You

Carol and Sandy were waiting in line,
talking about a tv show
their parents did not allow them to watch
Elgin was punching Charles' shoulder
Jordan was showing a picture to Cam
Niles was thinking of baseball
Symone was thinking of home
a stranger was turning from Crestwood to Washington
Kelcie was telling Alexis a joke
Kendra was laughing at Ben
Audrey was watching the December sunlight
a stranger pulled into Sandy Hook School
Randolph, and Gary, and Camiel were quiet
Tom was playing a game
Jada was keeping a secret
Marci needed to pee
and William had just announced
he did not believe in Santa
but did believe in God
when he lifted his head to the cafeteria door
where a stranger had just stepped inside.

a third grader knows so little of life
but who among us knows more?

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