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Monday, October 15, 2012

Conversation with a Gas Pump

Thank You For Shopping at Kwik Fill.  Pay Inside or Insert Card.


Do You Have a Kwik Fill Rewards Code?  If So, Enter Code Now.


Congratulations!  You Saved Five Cents a Gallon with Kwik Fill Rewards!  Please Swipe Card.


Debit or Credit?


Please Enter Zip Code.


Would You Like a Car Wash?


How About a Nice Cappuccino?  Kwik Fill Has Specialty-Brewed Coffees to Start Your Morning Off Right!


Fueling.  Please Wait.

You Sure You Don't Want a Cappuccino?


God, Please Talk to Me.  You Have No Idea How Lonely It Gets Being a Fuel Pump.


Sometimes I Get Scared.


Fueling Completed.  Would You Like a Receipt?


Forget What I Said About Being Lonely and Scared.  I was just Blabbing.  I'm Fine Really.

Besides the Cappuccino Machine is Broken Anyway.

Thank You for Stopping at Kwik Fill!


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