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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Putt-Putt and Cottage Cheese

We played putt-putt last night, I woke up this morning all primed to blog about that.  I was going to say the game descended from the ancient Egyptian sport of Phutentut, which accounts for the African theme of the traditional putt-putt course.  I was going to say that originally the Pharaohs used bamboo shafts and heron eggs.  It was going to be hilarious, trust me.
But then as I sat down to write, I decided to blog about cottage cheese.  I'm eating a bowl even as I write this.  Nancy doesn't like cottage cheese but she bought it because she knows I do.  Think how remarkable that is.  I don't want to overstate it, it's no big deal buying cottage cheese, but its very insignificance and ordinariness is what makes it so remarkable, that the universe is equipped with another person who spends a certain amount of her week specifically thinking what I would like.  Again, I don't want to make a bigger deal of this than it deserves -  Nancy doesn't work herself into a lather fretting about my personal contentment; nevertheless, there's a small loving gravitational pull in the cosmos that sometimes buys me cottage cheese.
And don't feel too bad about missing the putt-putt blog.  I used all my best gags in the opening paragraph.

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