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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Power Napping for the Twenty-First Century

I think whoever came up with the concept of Power Napping was a marketing genius.  This way I'm a mover and shaker when I fall into a temporary coma in the middle of the afternoon, snoring like a dog on a...  Okay, I stepped out into the middle of that simile and it gave out on me, so suffice to say I was snoring really loud.  In any case, Power Napping has run its course, and we need some follow-up ideas.

Saphia Khambalia suffered the embarrassing moment live on airPower Dripping:
Top news personalities know keeping your face photo-shop perfect 24/7 is just a recipe for ultimate failure, which is why once in a while you should just let go with a go old stream of nose honey.

Power Picking:
You can't hope to provide universal health care and rescue a teetering world economy if you got a big ol' itchy goober up there.  There's a time when even a good environmentalist supports exploratory drilling.

Power Farting:
OK, I don't really have a reason to believe Ryan is farting in this picture, but he looks like he might be farting, and it wouldn't be right to do a picture with Obama and not a Republican.

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