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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Dream I Had Last Night

I just woke up from a dream, which I don't attach much importance to, and  to which I don't think you should either, but which was very interesting nonetheless, and so here it is.
In my dream, in the far far future, Christianity had all but disappeared.  In fact, there was only one denomination left, the Catholics, and they were down to just one priest and three parishioners.  Since there was only one priest, he was pope, cardinal, bishop, monsignor, and priest in one.  The three remaining parishioners were all women.  The priest was very old and dying, and having no other choice, he ordained the women as priests to ensure Christianity's survival.  Immediately after ordaining the three new priests, the old priest died, and the three women got in their spaceships and traveled to the edges of the universe.  (This is the far future, remember?)
The women began to proselytize, and turned out to be so good at it, there were soon flocks of converts.  The women ordained other women who flew to other planets and proselytized there with equal success.  Christianity spread throughout the galaxies, and the Catholic Church lived up to its name - it was a universal church indeed, for even on tiny Tralfamadore, where the beings have eyes in the middles of their hands, there were Christians.
For thousands and thousands of years men had ruled the Catholic Church, and for an equal number of years afterwards, women ruled it, and it was wise, and kind, and thriving.  And at the end of time, when all the souls were gathered up, and all mysteries were revealed, we finally understood.
We thought God was playing favorites.  In reality, God was just making us take turns.
Anyway, for what it's worth, that was what I dreamed about.

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