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Friday, July 27, 2012

More Sightings

After the miraculous sighting of the Virgin Mary in a tree trunk (Compare the two pictures above.  Hard to tell apart, aren't they?) throngs of the faithful have swarmed to West New York, New Jersey.  (The Virgin was first noticed when the tree said to a passerby, "I'm the Virgin.")  Since then, other miraculous sightings have occurred, specifically in my own garden.  A sign the end times are at hand?

This one's kinda tricky, because the picture's sort of blurry, and
the she's with a watermelon rind instead of a saucer of eyeballs.
(These saints, yeesh!)  But my chicken is a dead ringer for Saint Lucy!
Still don't believe it?  Well, she told me so herself!  "I'm Saint Lucy,"
she said, "Cluck, cluck.  I'm Saint Lucy.  Now go get me some more
damn watermelon!"

This tomato is clearly St Thomas Aquinas (pictured right)  Just imagine
the tomato is holding a model of a cathedral and a big book.  Or
picture Aquinas with a sunburn.  By the way, the tomato told
me, "I'm St Thomas Aquinas."  Clear as day.

Take a careful look at the cucumber on the left and you'll clearly see
it's St Luke (Pictured above)  Whoa!  Wait a minute!  They're
so much alike, I got them mixed up myself!

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