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Monday, May 14, 2012

Honey Do

Nancy is in Orlando this week at a conference, and I must admit, I was looking forward to some time as a "bachelor," when I'd have a little extra time to write and read, have a chance to watch my DVD of Bubba Ho-Tep and my only responsibilities would be scraping the steak grease off the stovetop before she got home.
Before she left, she said, "Don't forget - take up the trash Monday and the recycling Tuesday."
"And write the cleaners a check.  They'll be here Thursday."
"Got it."
"And could you clean out the pool?  I told the neighbors they could use it Monday, but I want it looking nice for them."
"And could you see what's wrong with the sprinkler timer?  It doesn't seem to be working."
"Will do."
"You may have to go to Lowes for a new one."
"I will if I have to."
"While you're at Lowes maybe you could get some new rubber stoppers for the rain barrel.  The old ones fell out."
"Good idea."
"Are you going to remember all this?  Do you want me to write you a note."
"I'll remember."
"Which day does the trash go up?"
"Tuesday.  No.  Monday.  I'll take it up Sunday night just to be sure."
"I'll write you a note."
So now I have a nice handy note reminding me of the various things she'd mentioned plus one or two more she happened to think of. 
It's almost like having her here.

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