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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Author Hotties

Whenever I open my Yahoo account, there's always a banner of top stories featuring at least one photo gallery of some celebrity hottie modeling a see-through something-or-other or wearing a speedo on the beach at Cannes.  Usually, I assume, a photo put up by their publicist, and I'm sure it works, too.  For example, who the hell would care about Kim Kardashian if we weren't bombarded with photos of her every twenty two seconds, which is why I think we on the literary scene ought to try the same approach if we want to increase the number of readers out there.  For example...
When he's not writing novels, he's working on his six-pack says hot author, Salman Rushdie.
"Where are you going, where have you been?"  Is what readers want to know after seeing fave short-story writer and novelist Joyce Carroll Oates model her new bikini top.

Thought-provoking and booty-licious Canadian poet and author Margaret Atwood shows off her hand-made tail.
"America needs long, complex stories," claims beefcake novelist, Jonathon Franzen, but what we really need is more of you without a shirt.  No "Corrections" needed here, Johnny!  Rrrow!

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