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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Identify the Judy Garland movie represented by the cartoon below?  Send your guess, along with your name and address, to manmartin@manmartin.net One entry, chosen at random from the correct answers will receive an autographed copy of Paradise Dogs, hand delivered to your hovel or basement apartment by a PAID REPRESENTATIVE OF THE US GOVERNMENT.
"... five-to-one on Lucky Lady at Belmont, six-to-one on Shoestring at Viaduct 
and ten-to-one on the Giants."

The previous contest was won by Cara De Celles of Cleveland, Georgia. Cara says she drives a BMW because it's easy to spell.  Cara wins a copy of Paradise Dogs.

What happened when a tornado hit the concert hall:

Whirled Accordian Harp (World According to Garp.)

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