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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Odin January 3, Mythology

Odin, King of the Norse Gods, was also known as Woten, Wotan, Woden, and Wooten.  He and his brothers killed the evil Frost Giant Ymir whose body formed Midgard, or the earth, and whose blood formed the lakes and streams.  His brothers, Vili and Ve, never amounted to much after this, but Odin was ambitious.  First thing he did was hang himself upside-down for nine days by his own spear; during this period he learned the nine songs of power and eighteen runes.  He had some time on his hands.  Later, he traded one of his eyes for a single drink from the Well of Wisdom.1  With his wife Frigg he fathered Baldar, Hod, and Hermod.  With another goddess, Jord, he had a son who was Thor. 2  Each year, Woden leads the other gods, the Aesir, in battle against the Frost Giants in order to turn back winter; one day however, it is prophesied the Frost Giants will win and the Earth be overcome with ice. 3

1. He could have had a second drink if he'd given his other eye, but by then he was already too wise for that.
2. Frigg was pretty thor too. Ha ha ha. Sorry.
3. So much for Global Warming.

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