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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oxymoron December 14, Figures of Speech

Oxymoron: A paradoxical or self-contradictory phrase, such as "Biggie Smalls," "pretty ugly," "Icy Hot," or "organized religion."  Some words are oxymoronic in themselves: preposterous, coming from the roots pre and post, means "before after."  Piano forte, the original name for piano, means "soft, strong."  Sophomore means "wise-fool' (if you taught them, you'd see why) and oxymoron itself: oxy-, meaning "sharp" or "biting" and moron, meaning "dull."


  1. Is Ole Miss football a oxymoron? Hopefully if it are it won't be forever.

  2. I want my pastor to start dressing like that, rubber chicken and all. And the "eye" in the hat should be motorized...so it can blink, and move around to stare at people in the congregation.