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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nonaphor December 28, Figures of Speech

Nonaphor: Don't bother looking this one up on Wikipedia, this blog is the only place you'll find it.  Anyone can tell you that a metaphor is a direct comparison between two unlike things without using "like" or "as."  A nonaphor is a comparison between one thing and itself.  It is the discovery of my good friend, Jamie Iredell.  It is not everyone who gets to create their own figure of speech, but Jamie did it.  A typical nonaphor might be "the chili tasted like chili," or "the mountains mountained up," achieving a strange sort of lyricism and a ruthless realism.  There is also the Extended Nonaphor, which starts of like a regular metaphor or simile, "He was as mighty as the ocean, if the ocean could bench press three hundred pounds and run a mile in seven minutes."
There is no statue to Jamie Iredell, Inventor of the Nonaphor.  There ought to be.  It ought to be as tall as a statue and made out of solid statue-material.

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