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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lauren Groff

I have often wondered why writers as a group aren't better people than they are, but come to think of it, most writers I know are kind, generous, thoughtful, and compassionate. Sheri Joseph, James Iredell, Chris Bundy, Doug Crandell, Sonny Brewer, Joshilyn Jackson, Steve Yarborough. At the top of this list place Lauren Groff.
Last night Lauren left her four-month-old baby to introduce me at Books, Inc. This for an audience, counting Lauren herself, of four people. (Two of the others were my wife and sister-in-law.) I cannot tell you how gracious and effusive she was in her remarks. Afterwards, as audiences sometimes feel obliged to show interest, there were questions. I wanted to direct at least a few of these towards Lauren to talk about her books Delicate Edible Birds (short stories) The Monsters of Templeton (novel) and her forthcoming Arcadia (Out next March and a fine gift for all occasions.) But she persisted in turning the attention back on me.
Lauren is gracious. Lauren is kind. Lauren is generous. Surely there must be times she gets in a bad mood or says a mean thing, but not as far as I'm concerned. Lauren is my angel.

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