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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Pink Alligator Tour Rolls On

I'd love everybody in the Woodstock area to come see me tomorrow night, June 16th, 6:30 PM at FoxTale Books in Woodstock.
I had a sensational time last night in beautiful Athens, Georgia doing a reading at Little Kings with Avid Books, thanks to Janet and Jim for inviting me.
I also need to say a special word about Doug Crandell. It has often puzzled me why writers, as a group, aren't better people than they sometimes are. After all, we deal in the human condition, we should be - shouldn't we? - more compassionate, more giving, more understanding, than the general run of humanity. Too often, though, writers are bitter, petty, and competitive. Doug Crandell, though. Doug Crandell is a saint. I really don't know when I've met an absolutely sweeter or nicer guy. I invited him to join me in Athens, hoping he'd promote his own book, The Peculiar Boars of Malloy, which everyone should own at least three copies of, but instead he insisted, after a two-hour schlepp from Douglasville, mind you, on only talking about me, refusing to take even a sliver of the spotlight. Doug is the sort of person I aspire to be. He's what we all should aspire to be.
Enough with the mush. Go out and buy The Peculiar Boars of Malloy. Buy it from avid.com; they have autographed copies.
Here's some video highlights from last night:


  1. Love it, Man! By the way, Avid Bookshop's website is http://www.avidbookshop.com, not avidbooks.com. That is the only thing I would change about this video! This is really great. :)

  2. No one can perform a reading like Man Martin! Seriously, Poets & Writers should do a story about how he truly performs the narrative. Look out Mark Twain, Mr. Martin is about to don a white suit and parade around the southeast on the Paradise Dogs tour. Eat 'em up, Man:)