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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Too Many Boobs in Forest Park

Forest Park passed an ordinance against breast feeding any child over two years old in public.
Honestly, our damn lawmakers have too much time on their hands.
They claim their stand is against public nudity, which misses the point because during breast feeding, the nipple is covered up, right? Their real agenda - which I do understand - is it's kind of icky watching a toddler slurp on mommy in a MARTA train. But why on earth pass a law against it?
Not counting Nancy, I can count on my fingers the number of times I've seen a woman publicly breast feed a child of any age in public.  Is there really such an outbreak of public breast feeding that it has drawn the attention of legislators?
Dependably this lunatic law drew a storm of protest from breast feeders of toddlers, more than a hundred of whom showed up at City Hall to publicly flout the ordinance, so the lawmakers got precisely the thing they wished to avoid: a mass display of three-year-olds getting a good bellyfull of milk.
Do you think cops actually passed out citations?  Really?  Isn't there any possible better use of their time?
Yet another reason I'm a Libertarian.  As Pogo said, forget making the world safe for democracy.  We got to make democracy safe for the world.

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  1. I always figured that most women were ready to stop breast-feeding when the baby starts getting opposable (i.e. "biting") teeth.