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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 2nd Follow Up

In my March 2nd Post, I wrote about a dream I'd had, mentioning in passing what a gifted interpretter of dreams my sister Helen is.  Helen emailed me this interpretation and agreed that I could post it to my blog. If you compare it to the original post, I think you'll have to agree what incredible insight it shows. It has the quality of all true insights, that once stated, it seems self evident, "Of course that's what it means!"  First, here is the dream as I remembered it:

I was walking beside Mur (my mother) down a slightly uneven cobbled path toward a professional greenhouse where we were going to buy some plants. The path was strewn with yellow straw, and the greenhouse was out of sight around the bend. We had just eaten some baked chicken, and were discussing where we would plant our purchases. I didn't actually see Mur's face, because naturally I wasn't looking at her, instead concentrating on watching my step along the path.

The text of Helen's email follows.

I have been thinking all week re your dream of Mur, and couldn't help but interpret. I adress the dream here because it parallels some of Lori's "Mary's house" themes.

In dreams, walking along a path represents one's personal life journey. Expressed in human terms, our human jouney inescabably represents a circuit -- from home and creator to Home and Creator.

In this dream, the garden house represents your fondest hopes and dreams reguarding your destination - for you, a rural life that would be "heaven." This theme is echoed as well by the dream's other rural references, the golden, straw-strewn path, baked chicken for dinner and your planned planting activities.

However, your life's path is uneven. You have to watch extremely carefully not to trip on the cobblestones; in this dream and for you, these literally represent "stumbling blocks." The dream does not reveal the nature of these for you; however personal experience tells us that each of us harbors these, that they are always unique and personal and that our daunting task is to overcome them.

Your anxiety re stumbling is so profound that it diverts your attention from your destination!, and even worse from the precious, beloved and longed for face of one who in this dream is lovingly attending to you, accompanying you and engaging with you in your human aspirations and activities.

So the dream is a dichotomy, between fondest hopes and stumbling blocks that impede your progress and lessen joy. I will go not further - I leave the rest to you!

Much love,


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