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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Dream

On March 2nd I posted a dream I'd had and my sister Helen was sweet enough to offer her interpretation.  Last night I had another dream, much lengthier and more complicated, so lengthy and complicated, I suspect it may have been several dreams stitched together.  Here, as vividly as I can recall, is what happened.
I was in a banquet hall or cafeteria, having just attended some sort of conference or meeting.  An elderly woman took me by the arm, mistaking me for someone who'd been in a different conference with her.  She mentioned that this year's was not as good as the previous year's and that professor Rendelman's materials did not seem as well prepared as last time's. (I believe this name is a combination of the names of the English department heads at Georgia College and Columbus College.)  We passed someone who gave me a silent signal not to tell the old woman she was mistaken, and so I allowed her this misimpression, being amused in any case at the situation.
We sat at a table, where there was already a plate and a glass of tea.  I recognized Sheri Joseph, who had been my teacher at Georgia State, and who is currently on the board of the Decatur Book Festival.  Still amused at the old woman's mistake, I asked the table jovially what they thought of Rendelman's materials, and then, seeing a bowl of rolls under a celophane wrapper, I joked, "You haven't even touched your tower of rolls!"  Everyone laughed, and another plate went by with some yeast rolls, and I took one, saying, "I can't resist these."  I was feeling very amused by the situation, but then I realized I had to leave for another appointment.
I rose from the table, and shook hands with two friends and fellow-writers, James Iredell and Chris Bundy.  We all harumphed at each with comic self-importance, because my appointment was at Georgia Public Radio, where I was to be interviewed.
I began running, so as not to be late, taking a shortcut across the UGA stadium.  As I ran down the bleachers on one side, the steps were very narrow and had been pushed under each other to make room for something, an attractive blond warned me to watch my step, but I assured her I was fine, and sure enough, I was soon at the bottom, and running up the bleachers on the opposite side.  As I got to the top, I saw a man whom I recognized as a university administrator, and a woman who was the university president.  "Y'all better watch out," I warned, "or you'll get caught in the rain."  I heard the president ask who I was, and not in an unfriendly way, for she evidently recognized me, and I said with exuberant hyperbole, "I'm the most famous student you've ever had!"
I realized she had formerly been the president at Kennesaw State University and must've gotten a promotion.  Then I was at the top and near the parking garage where my car was.  I had to go down one flight, and there was my car.  I was conscious that I was cutting it close, but felt sure I could make my appointment in time.  I got out my keys, and that's when I woke up.

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