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Friday, February 4, 2011

Live From AWP

Sitting in the hotel with my buds, Jamie Iredell and Chris Bundy.  A good time here.  Last night Chris and I stayed up until the wee hours, discussing writing and reading, and drinking diet soda and eating cheese crackers.  This morning, I don't know what it is, something in the cheese perhaps, or maybe there were cracker crumbs in the bed, Chris seems somewhat the worse for wear.  I said we stayed up until the wee hours, but evidently not quite wee enough because when Jamie came to the room, we didn't hear him pounding at the door.  Jamie ended up getting another room, at a very good rate, thankfully.  Now that he's here, he expressed astonishment at how little diet soda we have left over.  Down to breakfast now, and then to AWP.

1 comment:

  1. Poor boys. Diet soda hangovers, for shame.

    Next AWP, hot chocolate's on me; I hope to be there, if "there" is not a blizzard.

    Have fun!