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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Painting the Gators

When my first novel (Days of the Endless Corvette, still available at Amazon.com, and a dandy gift for all occasions) came out, my friend Virginia Lukkes suggested, since there was a pink tire on the cover, I ought to cut a tire in half, paint it pink, and take it with me on my book-signing tour. Ludicrous, I thought. Dumb idea, I thought.  I'll never do it, I thought.
A week later, the basement stinking of burning rubber from cutting a steel-belted radial in two with a circular saw, I was applying the first coat of pink latex to a tire.  Hence, the Pink Tire Tour.
My new novel Paradise Dogs comes out June 7.  There is a pink alligator on the cover.  Alligators of other bizarre hues are mentioned from time to time throughout the story.  Hence the following pictures.  I spent last Friday at Art and Soul in Sandy Springs, painting ceramic alligators.


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