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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Durwood Fincher

In 1976, I attended the Governor's Honors Drama Program for High School Students in Dahlonega, Georgia.  (It was a slow year, and they were taking anybody.)  I had the privelege of acting under Durwood Fincher, the inventor of toefloss, and master double-talker.  I once overslept through a required activity, and Durwood took me aside to explain the consequences.  How can I convey the creeping terror of a high school student desperately trying to parse nonsense that sounded so much like actual words, maybe even important words?  (After asking him several times to repeat himself, I realized Durwood was pulling my leg, and there were no consequences except to be the target of his practical joke.)  If you've never caught Durwood's act - he has since appeared on Good Morning America and Regis and Kathy Lee - it's impossible to describe. He is now a sought-after performer on the corporate lecture circuit, inimicably deflating pomposity and stuffed-shirtism.  Here's a video of him in action.  First comes a speech and then some of his hilarious interview clips.

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